APS Workplace Excellence Awards

Showcasing best practice in organisational psychology

The APS Workplace Excellence Awards are the only awards in Australia that recognise the application of principles of psychology in advancing organisational performance and outcomes.

Psychologists and other professionals apply psychology in the workplace every day to develop organisations and their people, not just in human resource management, but in other aspects of organisational life including: strategy, planning and governance, economics and finance, research and development, marketing, organisation, work and workplace design, and technology.

Learn more about the Workplace Excellence Awards and about how psychology is advancing the lives of Australian workers every day.


Learn more about the WEA 
The WEA recognises best practice in applying principles of psychology to the world of work, enhancing individual, team and organisational outcomes, not just in HR, but in many aspects of organisational strategy and performance.


WEA 2018 entries are now open!
Entries are now open for the 4th annual APS Workplace Excellence Awards! Will you be a winner? Submissions close on June 25, 2018. Click the link to find out more about how to enter.


Learn about past winners and finalists
Find out more about past winners and finalists, and gain some inspiration for your own WEA submission. See the 'past winners' tab on the menu bar above.