Judges for 2018

The Workplace Excellence Awards are independently judged by experienced Organisational Psychologists, Industry practitioners, and Fellows of the APS College of Organisational Psychologists.

These judges are selected on the basis of their extensive expertise in the field of Organisational Psychology and/or knowledge and experience related to the specific award category for which they have been appointed.

Once entries for the Awards are closed, completed applications with supporting statements and evidence are supplied to a panel of three judges. These judges review applications in line with the entry criteria, making a recommendation to the College about finalists and winners. All judges are impartial, subscribe to high standards of professionalism and ethics, and are in no way associated with the entries for which they are judging.

The APS College of Organisational Psychologists would like to express sincere gratitude to the following judges for contributing their expertise to the program in 2018. The College is pleased to welcome back experienced judges: Ed Kelly, Travis Kemp, Gina McCredie and Pauline Willis. The College is also pleased to introduce the remainder of the judges for 2018, a panel of highly qualified members of the College, including: Cheryl Adams, Leanne Faraday-Brash, Kelly Maniatis, Daniel Morrell, Liz Pritchard, Prasuna Reddy, Michelle Robbe, Anna Stallard and Vicki Webster.

Judge bios


Ed Kelly | Director @ EK Performance Solutions

Ed is and Organisational Psychologist and the Director of EK Performance Solutions and provides specialist organisational development and other consultancy services to the public and private sectors. Ed’s experience has been primarily in a number of Queensland Public Service organisations in roles associated with managing major organisational reviews, training and development, including leadership development, organisational development, performance management, executive coaching, strategic/business planning and technological change.

Since leaving the public sector Ed has worked in both private and public sector organisations providing organisational development and other organisational psychology consultancy services including executive coaching and leadership development . Industries have included the building, mining, media, gaming, banking, tertiary education and local government sectors. He has also been involved in assignments overseas working with expatriate managers as well as expatriate and local staff.

Ed is a long standing contributor to the profession, a Member of the APS and Fellow of the APS College of Organisational Psychologists, and a previous Workplace Excellence Award Judge. Ed supervises Organisational Psychology Registrars as well as post graduate students studying Organisational Psychology at the University of Queensland and Griffith University. Ed also has an MBA from QUT and has an interest in entrepreneurship and business start up issues.


Gina McCredie | Founder and Principal Consultant @ Impactful Work

Gina McCredie is an experienced and well regarded Organisational Psychologist, providing value-adding organisational development services around Australia for over two decades. She is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Impactful Work, a business consultancy that draws on organisational psychology principles and approaches in partnering with individuals, teams and organisations to maximise their effectiveness and impact.  Key services she delivers include leadership coaching, team performance programs, as well as advice and support in reviewing and renewing people-related systems/processes at work.  

Gina has been a  member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and their specialist group, the College of Organisational Psychologists, for all of her career. Following roles in the College's State Committees, Professional Development and National Membership and Supervision Groups, she became National Chair and led a 3-year transformation program of the College from 2006-09. In 2009 Gina received the APS College Award of Distinction in recognition of her significant contribution to the field of organisational psychology in Australia. She has presented at numerous conferences, events and workshops on Leadership, Performance Management, Development, Organisational Change and Team Effectiveness. Gina is also a returning Workplace Excellence Award Judge in 2018.


Pauline Willis | Director @ Lauriate Ltd

As a Director of Lauriate Ltd, a provider of integrative, systemic solutions for individuals, teams and organisations, Pauline delivers high impact coaching and development solutions using a wide range of psychological tools and approaches.  Her international client list includes companies in the UK, US, Europe & Australasia and her professional expertise is applied to the design and implementation of integrative corporate coaching and mentoring programmes.  An interest in organisational solutions underpinned by technology led Pauline to develop an innovative 'cloud' based coach and mentoring programme management platform, designed to release coaching and mentoring potential within organisations as well as managing external services.  Unique in the integration of assessment, intervention and evaluation options, this platform harnesses psychometrics, socio-diagnostics and bespoke organisational impact measures.  

Pauline joined the APS College of Organisational Psychologists as a Member in 1996 (now know as Fellow) and has engaged with the enhancement of the profession through various working groups and committee roles. She is the only practitioner registered to practice and supervise Organisational Psychologists in Australia as well as Occupational Psychologists working toward the doctorate level QOccPsych in the United Kingdom.  Pauline is committed to the advancement of psychology as a unified profession nationally and internationally. Pauline has previously lent her expertise to the Awards, having judged in 2017.

Cheryl Adams | Director & Principal Organisational Psychologist @ ThinkTrek Consulting

Cheryl is an experienced Organisational Psychologist empowering and transporting people and business to reach their full potential and overall wellbeing. Cheryl is a Director at Brisbane-based firm ThinkTrek Consulting. She has a strong background of close to 25 years in leadership and applying the principles and practices of organisational psychology to enhance workplace culture.

Cheryl enables individuals and businesses to take charge of their potential through focusing on the power of thinking, transformational and change applications, agility management, practical resilience, and the power of social capital. She is motivated by seeing the thoughts, feeling and behaviours of people when they have attained their vision.

Cheryl is a Member of the APS and Fellow of the APS College of Psychologists, and also currently holds the role of Treasurer with the College's sub-committee in Queensland.


Leanne Faraday-Brash | Principal @ Brash Consulting

Leanne Faraday-Brash is an Organisational Psychologist and Principal of Brash Consulting, a boutique practice founded in 1996 and specialising in leadership development, culture, change and workplace justice (EEO, employee relations and ethics). Leanne is a highly experienced speaker, executive coach, facilitator and mediator. She works extensively in the government, manufacturing, higher education and health sectors. 

Leanne is a Fellow of the College of Organisational Psychologists and coordinator of the College's media panel. Her commentary on the whole gamut of tricky people issues is frequently sought in broadsheet and digital publications, radio and television - you have likely seen her articles feature in a range of newspaper and magazine publications. 

Leanne is also a published author, having written “Vulture Cultures: How to stop them ravaging your performance, people, profit and public image”. 


Kelly Maniatis | Managing Director & Organisational Psychologist @ Left Field Co.

The heart and brains behind Left Field, Kelly founded Left Field to create an alternative choice for leaders and workplaces who understand the power of people in organisations. Kelly’s strength is translating 15 years' experience in Organisational Psychology and her direct expertise in developing and coaching thousands of leaders means she can deliver real-world results. Expressive, passionate and influential in her ability to create “aha” moments & insights to see behavioural change stick – nothing about her is unfounded or marketing slick – it’s the genuine article.

Kelly is a skilled facilitator, coach and speaker, and one of Australia’s leading Organisational Psychologists and Leadership Experts, helping leaders to be the leader everyone wants to work for.  She continues to deliver inspiring results, whist creating a legacy of workplaces that embody 21st Century principles - fast thinking, changing, and people-centred. Kelly is also a Member of the APS and Fellow of the College of Organisational Psychologists. 


Daniel Morrell | Senior Specialist, Talent & Leadership @ AirServices Australia

Daniel is an Organisational Psychologist with a Masters in Industrial/Organistional Psychology from the University of Western Australia. He is a Member of the APS and a Fellow of the College of Organisational Psychologists.

Daniel has a diverse background, with exposure to both research and practice. Whilst at UWA, Daniel contributed to the publication of five research papers in cognitive psychology and human factors.

Daniel has spent the majority of his career working in organisational development, both as an external consultant and internally for large, national and multinational organisations. His areas of expertise include leadership development, talent management, behavioural change management, human factors and organisational coaching. Daniel’s industry focus spans Defence, Professional Services, Mining and Oil and Gas. He currently works in the Office of the CEO at Airservices Australia (Australia’s Air Traffic Control and Aviation Rescue and Firefighting provider).

Liz Pritchard | Organisational Psychologist @ University of Western Australia

Liz is an Organisational Psychologist with experience across a wide range of industry sectors. Liz's career started in the Commonwealth Public Service and then transitioned to external consulting, health regulation and now academia. Liz's experience has focused heavily on the development of team effectiveness and high performing teams, both as an operational line manager and an external consultant. Liz has had the opportunity to embed principles of organisational psychology directly into the workplace at the ground level and see the transformation that comes from the use of best practice strategies and techniques. Liz is skilled at organisational diagnostics, intervention development, and managing change at individual, group and organisational levels.

Liz is passionate about the development of early career professionals and seeks to create meaningful relationships with industry to facilitate high value placement opportunities for students of the Industrial and Organisational Psychology program at the University of Western Australia (UWA), as well as strong research partnerships between industry and UWA.

Liz is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society and Fellow of the College of Organisational Psychologists. She currently holds a position as Lecturer and Placement Program Coordinator in the Master of Psychology (Industrial & Organisational) program at UWA.


Prof. Prasuna Reddy | Professor of Mental Health and Implementation Science @ University of Technology Sydney

Prasuna is a leading implementation science and organisational psychologist practitioner and researcher with over 20 years of experience in academia, consulting and health services leadership across Australia and internationally. She has extensive experience in the application of evidence-into-practice methodologies, as well as sophisticated evaluation, implementation and improvement science design for population health programs. She has held senior Director and consulting positions in Australia and the UK, including the King’s College Centre for Implementation Science, NSW Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health, Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer, and National Centre for Gender & Cultural Diversity.

Prasuna has achieved international recognition for her work in establishing translational health intervention programs for the primary and secondary prevention and management of chronic disease, particularly cardiovascular disease and diabetes in primary care, and advocacy for mental health in global strategy. Her strong capabilities in applied health and organisational psychology have been put to good use in assisting communities with capacity building and overcoming adversity. Prasuna is a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London.


Michelle Robbé | Director @ Michelle Robbé Psychology and Consulting

Michelle is a seasoned organisational development consultant and leadership development professional drawing on 30+ years’ experience across 4 countries, 6 industries, and diverse roles in Government, NFP and Commercial sectors. Her strong consulting skills, combined with 10+ years’ senior management roles, 20+ years’ board leadership and 20+ years’ facilitation of in-depth personal transformation make her uniquely placed to blend her experience in corporate leadership, personal development and organisational psychology to enable organisations to develop talent, build leadership capability, move through change and enhance organisational performance. 

Michelle worked in the corporate sector for 15+ years where she held senior management roles at Telstra and knows firsthand the challenges faced by senior leaders. She has led multi-million-dollar change programs at IBM and Telstra involving new technology rollouts and culture change. She honed her project management capability in various roles spanning ICT projects at IBM, developing and launching Australia’s first International Videoconferencing service at OTC (now Telstra), and Business Process Management at Telstra. She also developed several in-house training programs at IBM and Telstra.

As a consultant, Michelle has over 20 years’ experience working with individuals and organisations. She has had the privilege of coaching close to 200 senior and emerging leaders to enhance their leadership capability. She is a registered psychologist with ten years organisational psychology consulting experience and holds an MBA as well as a Master of Organisational Psychology. 

Anna headshot-7631.jpg

Dr. Vicki Webster | Principal & Organisational Psychologist @ Incisive Leaders

Dr Vicki Webster has practised as an Organisational Psychologist for over fifteen years, leading teams providing organisational development and leadership development services. Results of Vicki’s PhD research on the Dark Side of Leadership have been published in Stress and Health journal and InPsych. She is also co-author of How to Get Ahead without Murdering Your Boss.  Six simple steps to actively manage your career.  

Founder of Incisive Leaders, Vicki designs and facilitates leadership development and coaching programs, as well as lecturing for Corporate Education, Griffith Business School in their Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management.  Vicki also supervises registrants for endorsement as an organisational psychologist.  In addition to being a Fellow of the College of Organisational Psychologists and a member of the Interest Group of Coaching Psychologists, she is a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders (previously AIM), and a Certified Practitioner and Fellow of the Australian Human Resources Institute.

Anna Stallard | Senior Organisational Development Specialist @ Children's Health Queensland

Anna is an Organisational Psychologist with extensive experience in organisational development both as an external consultant and an internal practitioner. She is a Member of the APS and a Fellow of the College of Organisational Psychologists. Currently working in the health care sector, Anna designs and implements programs that support leadership development. Prior to this, Anna worked in the resources industry, partnering with HR to identify and address systemic organisational issues by designing and delivering evidence-based initiatives targeting manager and employee capability and engagement.

Before these in-house roles, Anna worked as a consultant for over six years with clients ranging across banking and finance, transport, energy, telecommunications, and government industries. Anna developed, implemented and evaluated the impact and sustainability of a wide range of interventions focused on improving all stages of the employee life-cycle. This included design and validation of psychometric assessment tools, leadership development, and initiatives targeting teaming, employee engagement, and workforce safety and wellbeing at both operational and strategic levels.

Dr. Travis Kemp | Consultant Coaching & Organisational Psychologist

Travis is recognised by both industry and professional peers internationally as being amongst Australia's leading practitioners and thought leaders in the fields of executive coaching, leadership, peak performance and organisational psychology.  He holds degrees across the disciplines of Physical Education, Psychology, Social Science and Business and his deep expertise spans enterprise leadership, performance and development, human capital, organisational sustainability, innovation, culture and change. As a registered Psychologist with practice endorsement in Organisational, Exercise & Sport and Counselling Psychology, an internationally accredited Coaching Psychologist, a Certified Human Resources Professional and an experienced independent company Director, Travis brings a rich diversity of capability and context to the complexities of commercial leadership and governance.

In his private practice, Travis works with senior managers, C-Suite executives and boards across the ASX Top 200 companies, BRW Top 100 private companies, federal, state and local government and not-for-profit sectors and across a broad range of industries including mining, engineering, construction, defence, professional services, FMCG, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, financial services and banking industries. Travis is also a non-executive Director and investor in human capital technology start-up company (Plando.com). and a strategic leadership advisor and investor in social influencer market technology start-up company Tribe (tribegroup.co)