The 2016 Workplace Excellence Awards will be granted by the APS College of Organisational Psychologists to celebrate excellence in the application of psychology in the areas of: 


Assessment: Individual, Team or Organisation

This Award for Assessment recognises the design and application of an approach using assessment methods which enable a significant shift in individual, team or organisational outcomes. Entrants must show: 

  • Innovative assessment processes and technology applied to solve people management issues
  • Demonstrated benefit of utilising assessment information in organisational application


Coaching: Leadership, Career and Performance

The Award for Coaching recognises innovative methods and approaches to coaching in the area of Leadership, Career or Performance that can be linked to organisational, team or individual outcomes.  Entrants must show: 

  • Demonstrated improvements in performance, satisfaction and/or wellbeing of participants
  • Demonstrated improvements in the performance of those areas led by program participants


 Learning and Development

The Award for Learning and Development recognises outstanding approaches to learning and development which demonstrate strong links to the organisation’s strategy. Entrants must show: 

  • Innovative use of learning process and technology in the program
  • Demonstrated application of learning content in the workplace by program participants


Organisational Change

The Award for Organisational Change recognises excellence in initiatives which demonstrate innovation and a responsible approach to organisational change and development.  This category is recommended for those organisations who demonstrated excellence in initiatives and strategies facilitating organisational change including but not limited to restructuring, or mergers and acquisitions. Entrants must show:  

  • Engagement of workforce in the change process and outcomes
  • Low levels of conflict, adverse impact on the workforce and redundancy


Organisational Design

The Award for Organisational Design recognises strategies and initiatives which promote improvements in organisational effectiveness (alignment and performance). Entrants must show: 

  • Achievement of improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Close integration of strategy with structure and systems 


Performance Management

The Award for Performance Management recognises innovation in approaches to performance management.  This category is recommended for those organisations that demonstrate initiatives that go beyond traditional models of performance management. Entrants must show: 

  • Achievement of substantial improvements in performance of participating employees
  • High engagement of Employee with the approach taken


 Recruitment and Selection

The Award for Recruitment and Selection recognises the establishment of contemporary recruitment and selection strategies which can be directly linked to organisational effectiveness. Entrants must show: 

  • Achieves significant improvement in discrimination and validity over prior approaches
  • Demonstrates a high level of fairness and equity


Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing

The Award for Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing recognises outstanding strategies and initiatives promoting the health, safety and wellbeing of employees in the workplace. It may include those organisations who have worked to improve understanding, awareness and the general health and mental health of the workforce and wider community. Entrants must show:  

  • Utilisation of a combination of biological, psychological and social factors to determine organisational needs
  • Significant improvements in the psychological health, safety and wellbeing of the workforce



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