There are several ways that you can help us to promote the Workplace Excellence Awards.

1. Join the social media blitz

We have created some promotional images for each category. Simply upload the relevant image with the following line as a post:

2017 Workplace Excellence Awards #WEA2017 – Hurry! Entries extended till 31st July 2017 @AUorgpsychs

2. Promote #WEA2017 using other social media resources

Help spread the words about the Workplace Excellence Awards by linking to the Awards home page ( on social media:

Here are a couple of suggested messages:

Nominations are open for the 2017 Workplace Excellence Awards. The Workplace Excellence Awards are an initiative of the College of Organisational Psychologists intended to recognise outstanding applications of psychology to a workplace context. The Awards are a wonderful way of gaining recognition for a project you have been involved in. Nominations for the Awards close on July 24th.

Is your HR Department or Company currently applying psychology to your workplace in an innovative way? Or have you been involved in unique initiatives to attract talent, develop leaders, or improve employee wellbeing? Read on!

A longer message can be found here.

    You can also share some of the YouTube videos from the previous Workplace Excellence Awards finalists and winners.

    3. Promote the Awards to your colleagues and clients

    We have devised a template email message to be sent out to any mailing lists you have access to or subscribe to. The template is available in the following formats:

    We have also created an email signature that you can use in all of your correspondence.

    4. Distribute a Workplace Excellence Awards poster

    We have created a Workplace Excellence Awards flyer, which can be printed out as a poster, or distributed as a flyer. We encourage you to use this as an additional way of promoting the Awards as a summary of key information.

    5. Promote sponsorship opportunities

    There are a number of sponsorship opportunities which we would love you to promote to your colleagues and clients. These include sponsorships for the gala dinner, the daytime showcase, and individual Award category sponsorships.