WEA 2018 Showcase Event program information

The Showcase Event provides a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the organisations and projects being recognised in the APS Workplace Excellence Awards. Come along, learn more about innovations in the application of psychology at work, and be inspired! The showcase will include a diverse range of presentations and interactive sessions showcasing work in areas such as leadership, organisational development, change, performance, and employee wellbeing. 

Read on below for further information about the presentations being delivered at this year’s APS Workplace Excellence Awards Showcase Event.

This year’s presenters


Person-centred Claims Management
Presenter: Carly Webster (Claims Specialist)

Research has shown that a quick return to work after injury or illness improves health and wellbeing outcomes for injured workers. In this session, Carly Webster will share insights into Allianz’s 18 month journey to improve outcomes for the lives of injured Victorian workers through adoption of a person-centred approach to claims management.

Carly will explain how Allianz undertook extensive research into the application of Motivational Interactions (MI) and Behavioural Insights (BI), designing and implementing a communication program to upskill Case Managers to have more productive interactions with injured workers. In doing so, they strove to empower and engage clients in the return to work process, to improve service satisfaction and help workers return to work faster.


Cultivating PEAK Performance
Presenters: Dr Robert Styles (Contextual Behavioural Scientist & Principal Transformation Architect) and Dr Exmond DeCruz (Research Associate)

Dr Robert Styles and Dr Exmond DeCruz of the Crawford School, ANU, will share their experiences working with multidisciplinary practitioners to develop and implement ‘PEAK’, which they have applied with organisations both in Australia and overseas. Their work has resulted in recognition as a finalist in two of this year’s Workplace Excellence Awards categories: Organisational Development and Performance and Capability Development.

PEAK is an intervention with academic underpinnings in a number of different disciplines including applied behavioural psychology, organisational and cultural sociology, evolutionary science, and systems engineering. The aim of the PEAK intervention is for intentional and positive change within the participants’ lives, close relationships, their work with others, and their future. The presenters will provide insights into how participants cultivate the ability to think strategically about changing future contexts and contribute professionally and influentially in establishing the cooperative and productive work-culture necessary for effecting systemic transformation in the pursuit of realising shared goals.


AGD Wellbeing in the Workplace
Presenters: Fiana Vi (Manager Workforce Development and Wellbeing) and Luke Brady

The South Australian Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) was experiencing an upward trend in psychological injury claims in the workplace and the cost of mental stress claims were steadily increasing. In recognition of this, AGD invested in the research, design and facilitation of a wellbeing program. In this presentation, you will hear how AGD adopted a comprehensive and systemic approach to identifying key factors in the causation of psychological injury, delivering initiatives to address identified issues and empowering employees to take ownership of their own health and wellbeing.

You will gain insights into how organisational psychology has been used to successfully implement AGD’s program, delivering a significant reduction in the cost of their mental health claims, and driving more proactive behaviours within the workforce to manage mental health and wellbeing, and creating a positive shift in organisational culture.


Implementation of a Reflective Practice Framework
Presenters: Hayley Mills (Executive Director, Community Corrections & Specialist Prisons), Courtney Cramey (Principal Advisor, Community Corrections) and Gina Roberts (Reflective Practice Leader)

Every day over 300 staff in SA Community Corrections, who supervise approximately 6000 offenders in the community, make critical risk-based decisions and judgments that have significant impacts in terms of their clients, victims of crime, and the community at large. During this session, the presenters will share their experiences implementing the Reflective Practice Framework, overcoming past challenges with the introduction of clinical supervision structures.

Hear more about how the Department for Correction Services successfully implemented the framework, delivering one of the most successful roll outs of a new initiative in recent memory. The presenters will share insights into how Reflective Practice is now embedded as part of 'usual business', reflected in their practice and normalised and embraced by staff.


Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (APY Lands) Psychological Wellbeing Check
Presenters: Dr Jane Richards (Manager Employee Psychology and Wellness), Nicolle Cummins (Senior Psychologist) and Helen Paraskevopoulos (Senior Psychologist)

Teachers in remote indigenous communities are overrepresented in turnover rates and exposure to trauma identifying that working and living there is a psychologically high-risk environment. Recognising there are challenging and complex social, cultural and environmental aspects to the role, the Department for Education developed a new approach to selection, which includes a psychological suitability assessment but is also supportive and adaptive to individual needs.

Hear more about how this approach has successfully focused on assessing and building psychological preparedness for teaching in remote communities, including the development and use of Personal Wellbeing Plans. The presenter will share insights into how their teachers are now better equipped with strategies to manage their psychological health in a challenging working and living environment, resulting in stabilisation of workforce retention rates.


Principal Health & Wellbeing Strategy
Presenter: Diya Dey (Organisational Psychologist)

The Department of Education and Training, Victoria, launched the Principal Health and Wellbeing Strategy (PHWS) in May 2018. The Strategy recognises that wellbeing of school leaders is central to creating a positive school culture for teaching and learning. By supporting principals to be at their best, we can ensure that they can bring out the best in their teachers, support staff and students.

Diya Day will share insights into the development and implementation of the Strategy, which adopts an integrated framework of supports that maps the existing supports available, fills gaps, and encourages everyone who works with principals to consider health and wellbeing in everything they do. Learn more about the combination of proactive and responsive strategies used by the Department of Education & Training to offer both systemic and operational supports along with individual psychological supports.


Establishing the Work and Organisational Resilience Centre (WORC)
Presenters: Dr Christine Boag-Hodgson (Associate Director at WORC) and Dr Amy Hawkes

The presenters will share their insights into the development of the Work and Organisational Resilience Centre (WORC) and how this has been used as an innovative solution in the training of post-graduate organisational psychology students. WORC is a consultancy that has been established by the School of Applied Psychology at Griffith University to provide organisational psychology services to industry. The consultancy is staffed by post-graduate students undertaking work integrated learning placements. The Centre provides cost-effective services to the not-for-profit sector and small businesses.

The presenter will share how WORC adds value in five ways: (1) to their students, (2) for their program, (3) to the School of Applied Psychology and Griffith University, (4) to their clients, and (5) for the profession of Organisational Psychology.


NSW Health Senior Executive Development Program
Presenters: Aggie Lim (Program Manager, Leadership) and Sean Clemmit (Principal Consultant @ Bendelta)

The NSW Health Senior Executive Development Program is a unique leadership and talent development initiative designed to equip health leaders for senior executive roles in a challenging and highly complex adaptive system. Participants apply adaptive, collective and relational leadership, engage in immersive experiences designed to stretch and challenge their thinking, feelings and behaviour, and work in cross-discipline groups to apply design thinking to a state-wide wicked problem.

The presenters invite you to learn more about the program, how it was designed and delivered, the underpinning leadership models and theories, how stakeholders were engaged, the impact on individual participants and the system, and how you might apply it to your organisation.

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Developing our Compassion Focused Workforce
Presenters: Dr. Phoebe Cook (Director at Within Consulting) & Jenifer Itel (Program Manager at Metro South Health)

The “Person Centred Care Reflective Practice Program” was developed in response to an identified need for an organisational development program that empowered the workforce to deliver Person Centred Care (PCC). During this session, you will hear more about this program, which represents a collaborative effort between experts in delivering healthcare and Psychologists with a passion for positive psychology theories and compassion-focused approaches. 

The presenters will share insights into developing an organisational development program that utilised self-compassion and self-directed resilience building as a vehicle for empowering the workforce to contribute toward a PCC culture. You will learn how Metro South Health successfully influenced a paradigm shift in the way they approach PCC, identifying the value and need for self-compassion, and implemented self-directed resilience behaviours within their working lives.

Managing in Complexity (MiC)
Presenter: Melissa Casey (Director of Psychology & Specialist Clinic Operations)

Managing in Complexity (MiC) is an intensive six-week team-competency based program, designed to build management competencies operationalised within their team, thus building team cohesion. From January-March 2018, 32 Senior Clinical Leaders from the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) Mental Health, Statewide Forensic and Older Person’s Mental Health services participated in the MiC program.

During this session, Melissa Casey will share insight into how this program has helped an organisation that was operating under considerable stress as a result of the Oakden aged care scandal (Oakden was part of NALHN). Hear how implementation of MiC enabled improved and sustained patient outcomes, built a high performing and cohesive management team, and decreased psychological distress and improved mental health.

NAB Assist Wellbeing at Work
Presenters: Allison Rothmund (Head of Customer Assist) and Elisa Pattison (Consultant Financial Awareness)

The NAB Assist team within the National Australia Bank is comprised of several contact centres which provide assistance to customers experiencing hardship, often as a result of a significant life event (e.g. unemployment, domestic violence or illness). While contact centre work in general can be stressful, the work conducted in NAB Assist can be particularly difficult due to the nature of financial hardship.

Using psychological theory (the Job-Demands and Resources model), a diagnosis and intervention was conducted to increase employee autonomy, provide greater psychological support, and enhance leader interpersonal skills. Early outcomes indicate this program has been well received in the business and is positively impacting employee wellbeing. The presenters will share their experiences designing and implementing a wellbeing program to address stress and the unique challenges of working in this environment. 

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Viva Energy Female Emerging Leaders Development Program
Presenters: Lisa Johnston (Senior Consultant) and Miranda Boddington ( Leadership & Capability Manager @ Viva Energy)

The 2017 Viva Energy Female Emerging Leaders Development Program (FELDP) was designed by People Measures to address existing (unconscious) gender bias and establish a pipeline of female leaders ready to take on more complex and senior roles within the organisation. Based on extensive research, the program took a systemic approach and worked with women on establishing their leadership identity and purpose.

During this interactive session, Miranda Boddington will share insights into Viva Energy’s leadership challenges and organisational priorities that led to the engagement of People Measures. Lisa Johnston will then share People Measures’ interest in gender equity and the approach they took in delivering the leadership development program, which has increased participant confidence, effectively addressed gender bias, and helped them step into their leadership roles.


‘Us Collaborating’ Culture Initiative
Presenter: Beatrice Andrews (Manager Culture & Engagement)

Beatrice Andrews will share insights into RACQ’s efforts to deliver cultural change across the organisation and achieve RACQ’s strategy of diversification and growth. The ‘Us Collaborating’ culture initiative was designed to encourage collaborative behaviours by making collaboration attractive to employees, building stronger relationships between stakeholders, and focusing conversations on the importance of collaboration.

Attend this session to hear more about how RACQ successfully used a multi-pronged approach by combining branding, social media, organisational development, group facilitation, internal communications, story-telling and technology. This interesting program has seen employees and leaders embrace collaborative initiatives, resulting in more inclusive strategic planning, award-winning products designed via our new collaborative methods, and improved relationships.


Presenters: Jason Blaik (Lead Psychometrician), Kirsten Forgione and Nicole Russom (Senior Consulting Psychologists)

In response to growing market demand for innovative personnel selection methods, Revelian’s team of Organisational Psychologists worked alongside other professionals to develop a world first game-based cognitive ability assessment for high stakes selection. In this session, the presenters will deliver insights into the process to design and develop ‘Cognify’ – a Revelian game-based assessment where candidates complete up to seven individual mini-games targeting four broad psychological characteristics featured in the CHC model.

Since its launch in late 2016, Cognify has been used to assess over 38, 000 candidates from every continent of the world and across a diverse set of industries and management levels. The presenters will share their experiences in bringing Cognify to market and engaging businesses in the use of these innovative new assessments. Revelian Organisational Psychologists have also recently taken Cognify to the world, presenting at the Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology’s 2018 Annual Conference in Chicago. Don’t miss this session for an opportunity to test these assessments for yourself!


Statewide Super Learning & Development Framework
Presenter: Laura Yazbek (Senior People and Culture Advisor)

Learn more about the Statewide Super Learning & Development Framework, an in-house, organisation-wide initiative, designed to generate an engaged, thriving and collaborative learning culture. The presenter will share insights on developing this framework with the objective of improving strategic alignment, supporting organisational culture development and employee engagement, strengthening member focus and promoting performance and continuous improvement.

Since implementation in December 2017, participation rates in learning and development activities at Statewide Super have been high. You will hear how Statewide Super has achieved successful outcomes through improved learning and development practices, including enhanced employee engagement, improved support for effective change management, as well as solidifying learning transfer. The presenter will share insights into program evaluation and how they’ve demonstrated strong learning application, engagement and culture change, while also benefiting other strategic organisational development initiatives.

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